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on Wednesday 15th March 2017


Multiple benefits such as improved productivity, increased competitiveness and enhanced flexibility can be gained from a switch to robots. A recent study indicated that matching the automation levels of the most automated countries could boost UK productivity by up to 22%. But how do you know if robotic automation is right for your business, and what particular strategy should be taken?



With many misconceptions preventing UK SMEs from introducing robots, our Switch to Robots seminars take a balanced look at robot technology. We examine what's really involved in introducing and implementing robotic automation, from assessing the need for robots through to calculating the potential ROI on an installation.

Despite the common theory that robots are complicated to install and unsuitable for low volume applications, robot technology has advanced so far in the last few years that this is certainly not the case. Whether you're a large or small UK manufacturer, we will help you make an informed decision.


"As someone only recently getting involved in robotics,
I found it a good review of what is available."
"I found the presentation a good basis for the Automation and Robotics technology application I am currently writing."
The seminar  includes a hands-on demonstration session with experts on hand to answer any queries, giving you the confidence to take the next step. 


If you would be interested in attending, please register by filling in the form below. 





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